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Enjoy the Benefits of an Expert Humidifier Installation

Ever notice how dry the air feels in the winter? The more your heating equipment runs, the dryer your indoor air tends to be. This causes static shock, bloody noses, and chapped lips. When the air quality gets dangerously dry, wood furniture splits, electronics experience issues and those with skin issues like eczema have problems. How do you combat the furnace drying out the air quality without turning it off altogether? Adding a humidifier is straightforward, cost-effective, and provides a lasting impact.

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Humidifiers from Wighton's Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning

Proper humidification reduces the amount of allergens and improves the breathing conditions in your household. However, if your system is damaged or defective, excessive humidity promotes mold growth and bacteria. Allow the team at Wighton's Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning to handle all your humidification services. Our expert staff installs, repairs, and services humidifiers across San Luis Obispo, CA. Allow us to diagnose your IAQ, make helpful recommendations, provide clear pricing, and showcase our many products to suit your needs.

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A whole mess of problems can occur with your humidifier such as foul smells, not misting, grimy air filters, and refusing to turn on. No job is too small or complex for our team. Established in 1953, we have seen our fair share of disasters. We are available to you from 8 am to 5 pm and include emergency services when the situation calls for it. Allow us to provide a free estimate on your new equipment.

Why do I need a professional for humidifier services?

There are many benefits to calling on the expert team from Wighton's Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning for your humidifier needs, including:

  • Expertise: Our team is trained and experienced in servicing humidifiers, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to diagnose and address any issues accurately.
  • Safety: Trusting Wighton's Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning ensures that humidifier servicing is conducted safely, minimizing risks associated with electrical components, water leaks, and other potential hazards.
  • Proper Maintenance: A trusted HVAC company can perform thorough maintenance tasks, such as cleaning components, replacing filters, and inspecting for any potential problems, to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the humidifier.
  • Equipment and Tools: Our technicians have access to the specialized tools and equipment necessary for servicing humidifiers, allowing them to perform tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • Warranty Compliance: Hiring a professional for humidifier service often ensures that any warranties remain valid, as DIY attempts or unauthorized repairs may void manufacturer warranties.
  • Troubleshooting: We have the expertise to troubleshoot complex issues that may arise with humidifiers, allowing our team to identify root causes and implement appropriate solutions.
  • Efficiency: Professional servicing can improve the efficiency of the humidifier, ensuring it operates at its best capacity, which can lead to energy savings and lower operational costs.
  • Preventive Measures: We can provide valuable advice on preventive measures to maintain the humidifier’s performance and prevent future problems, potentially saving you from costly repairs or replacements down the line.

Ready to schedule your appointment? Give us a call at (805) 292-2327 for humidifier services in Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, Grover Beach, and Arroyo Grande, CA!

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We were very happy with all of the staff, from the Comfort Advisor to the technicians and office support staff. The mapping of the new system was very thorough and important to the efficiency and performance of our new Heat Pump System, by expanding and adding air registers in the kitchen, bathroom en suite, and bedroom.

Valene M.

Jared showed up on time and was very professional with diagnosing our HVAC issues. He fixed wiring and checked electrical connections to ensure no shorting issues. He diagnosed an issue with our circuit board tripping the breaker. He had replacement parts on hand and fixed the issue in a timely manner. Very professional, would definitely recommend.

Laura J.

Luis and Silverio were very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They took extra measures that protect our home and cleaned any debris. I would rate them both as exceptional. Luis mentioned that someone from Wighton may come back to do a follow-up on their work. That gave me a lot of confidence.

Louis L.

We had a clogged toilet, bathtub, kitchen sink. Fonzi assessed the situation and gave us options on how to find a solution that worked for us. He did this politely and spoke in terms we could relate to. We continue to be pleased with their service and honest evaluations. Highly recommend this company.

Carol J.

I had I believe James and Christian come help me with a shower drain. These guys really knew their stuff and I felt comfortable with them. They even helped me fix my smoker while they were here!!! Excellent job guys. You will be my go-to from here on out. Thank you!!!

Terry D.

Carlos was great! He was very professional, did a great high-quality job, and went above and beyond for us. Seems like all plumbers are very busy right now, and our service was delayed by a day because he got caught up on another job. But after seeing the quality of the work he did, it was worth the wait.

Robyn A.

Tried other so-called HVAC “professionals” to fix our issues but only Tim was able to take care of our situation. He exhibited his professional skills in diagnosing our problem and explained the repairs he was going to make to us in a manner that we could understand. Obviously knowledgeable and also very friendly.

James D.

Great service. Professional. The guys took a look. Quoted a price and were done and cleaned up in an hour. You get what you pay for! I’ve heard they are too expensive but it seemed fair considering the work done. Like I said though I could have found cheaper but who knows the quality? Not these guys! Quality!

Bruce G.

Everyone we have interacted with has been the best. Polite, professional, responsive. We had a new water softener system installed, some plumbing redone, and water heater service. Everything was completed promptly and professionally. They are also fast to respond to inquiries. They provide great service and peace of mind. Very good service. We will use them again.

Don O.

David walked into a plumbing mess of epic proportions. One that many had been unwilling to help with based on the scope of work needed to be done. He could have chosen the path of least resistance, but he stayed at our place longer than he deserved to and evaluated every element of our problem.

Vanessa T.

Oceano, CA

Atascadero, CA

Nipomo, CA