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Me Me
Me Me 5.0

very quick and communicative, came out the very next day and diagnosed problem. technician rick was very nice and personable and professional

Ruby Leon
Ruby Leon 5.0

Marc Kalogris was awesome, thank you!

Anne-Marie Rocha
Anne-Marie Rocha 5.0

Very professional staff. They know what they are doing and helps you understand what’s going on. Mark was very helpful and helped make light of the situation. We will be doing business with them again no questions asked. Thank you guys for everything

Daniel Alvarez
Daniel Alvarez 5.0
Walth Family
Walth Family 5.0
Evie Cuelho
Evie Cuelho 4.0


Sylvia Glispey
Sylvia Glispey 5.0

We had a burst pipe in our ceiling and Wighton’s answered our after hours call quickly and with friendly reassuring service. They came out to assess the damage and make the necessary repairs. They also gave us recommendations and referrals for the ...further repairs that were going to be needed. Their fee was very reasonable for a weekend emergency call. They were great!Read More...

Banana Slug
Banana Slug 1.0

Terrible experience. They red-tagged my old AC/Heating unit and installed their own. Heating broke after 4 weeks of use. After one month still cannot fix it after multiple technicians visits and many many phone conversations. Have very poor record ...keeping, do not respond to emails, each time Have to explain the problem from very beginning, long waiting times to as schedule even appointments for urgent issues.Read More...

Jodi Johnson
Jodi Johnson 1.0

My experience has been one of poor customer service and communication. The actual work was competently performed (if one disregards the multiple times that Wighton's cancelled and rescheduled the appointment and that the technician arrived without the ...proper part, turning a short visit into an all-day event). But it was what occurred after the original repair was completed that caused my extreme dissatisfaction. On December 19th I had a hot water heater anode replaced. To do this the technician had to shut off the water supply to the house, and once the work was complete he tried to re-open that valve. That is when he announced the valve had broken (I don't want to blame the technician for this, as the valve was possibly original with the house, built in 1997, although the people who ultimately fixed it--NOT Wighton's--said it had been overtightened when it was first turned off). Unable to restore water service to the house, the technician offered to dig up the valve to provide an estimate for repair; he thought the digging would take about an hour and cost about $100, but any repair would require turning off water to the remainder of the property. Since it was now late in the afternoon and I was concerned about the potential for after-hours charges, I agreed with his suggestion to return early the next day with a second technician to hopefully resolve the situation. I would have no water overnight in the house, but since water remained available elsewhere on the property this seemed tolerable. It was the technician who arrived the next day (12/20) who elicited a strong feeling of distrust. First of all, no one showed up until after noon, even though I made numerous calls throughout the morning, as I did not want to repeat the same scenario from the previous day. He did not seem to know what he had been sent to work on. Once he saw the circumstances, he immediately launched into a catastrophic assessment of the time and expense for this repair, as if attempting to create an emotional response. He indicated that the work could take days, saying we would have "no water for Christmas," and that there would be thousands of dollars in charges. He looked at a secondary shut-off valve and declared it too was non-functional (which turned out not to be true later, when others were working on the property). He said he could give me an estimate to dig up the original broken valve--which he decided would take 2 hours and cost over $600. At that point, I asked him to leave. My neighbor came and dug up the valve to expose the pipe in 30 minutes. Knowing it was too late in the day to do the work, he restored water to the house by attaching a hose from a faucet elsewhere on the property to a hose bib on the house. Somehow, this never occurred to anyone from Wighton's, who seemed unconcerned about leaving us without water for a second day. I received a call from the second technician the next morning (12/21); he said he was calling with information that might help me. Because this was a "big problem" and could cost "thousands" of dollars, and because I "will not have water for Christmas," I should know that Wighton's could offer me financing to pay for the work, because, in his words, "money seems to be an issue." I told him that money was only an issue when I was being overcharged and manipulated, and that I considered what was occurring to be very close to extortion. Then I hung up. The next day the valve repair was completed in about 3 hours with the help of a second neighbor; the total that I paid for this work was under $1000. At no time did Wighton's do anything to make me feel respected or valued as a customer: appointments were cancelled; technicians came late; necessary parts were missing; no one expressed concern about leaving us without water nor attempted to remedy this; I was not provided written estimates for the anode repair by the first technician and given wildly excessive ones by second technician. I definitely do not recommend this company.Read More...

Bert Flannery
Bert Flannery 5.0

Well mattered person! Explain what he was going to do to fix the leak I had! Was pleased with the work done!

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