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Excellence since 1953

Wighton's is a Heating, A/C and Refrigeration company established in 1953. At Wighton’s Inc. our customers are family. We have been a part of the San Luis Obispo County community for over 63 years. Our strong values and quality workmanship have made us leaders in the HVAC & Refrigeration industry on the Central Coast.

At Wighton's, we make sure that each customer receives incredible service from our first conversation until the job is finished. With over 63 years of experience in the Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry we completely understand the needs of property owners throughout San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties when it comes to comfort & trust. We design, install, service and repair ALL systems with the excellence we believe in. The most important thing is the quality and attention to detail that we provide. With Wighton's you can expect value, dependability and comfort!

Our mission is to provide the highest quality design, installation and service for Heating,  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment in both Residential and Commercial applications.

We have set the following objectives to accomplish our goals:

  • Maintain the highest level of design and engineering possible. 
  • Maintain a high-level training program to ensure quality installation & service from our technicians. 
  • Hire, develop, and retain employees who are committed to our growth and customer satisfaction.    

Our Mission is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

"If at any time during the first year of installation, you are not 100% satisfied with the performance of the equipment, our service or even our people, we will, within 30 days of your request, remove the system and cheerfully refund the entire amount of the contract."

We are a company you can depend on. Every customer is a priority to Wighton’s. We GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION!  We look forward to working with you soon.        

WIGHTON'S = Comfort You Can Trust!

Emergency hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call, (800) 543-4881

Meet the Whole Team

Lenny Raquino

Installation Leader

12 years in the industry

Born in: Hawaii

Number of Children: 2

Number of Pets: 1

Favorite Food: Spam

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Goodfellas, That 70's Show, White Fang

Hobbies: Disc Golf & Basketball, the beach

Vacation Spot: Hawaii

What I enjoy about working for Wighton's: Being able to give customers quality HVAC systems

Personal Quote: "Peace, Howz It"

Patrick Silva

Comfort Advisor

15 years in sales

Born in: Santa Maria, CA

Number of Children: 3
Number of Pets: 1 dog
Favorite Food: Pizza
Vacation Spot: Las Vegas

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Shawshank Redemption

Hobbies: Coaching Youth Sports, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Mountainbiking, BBQ, Spending time with my family!

What I enjoy about working for Wighton's: Working with people - that we make their home environment a better place to live. Working with my team-makes to execute and solve problems. 

Personal Quote: "Treat others the way you want to be treated!"

Steven Garza

Service Technician

2 years in the industry

Born in: Delano, CA

Favorite Food: Pizza & Potatoe Salad

Number of Pets: 3 - Small dog, fat cat, & small rabbit

Vacation Spot: Balch Park, CA

Hobbies: Riding mountain bikes, hiking, fishing, and watching football.

What I enjoy about working for Wighton's: I enjoy that Wighton's is dedicated to quality. 

Eric Philippian


22 years in the industry

Born in: California

Favorite Food: BBQ

Number of Pets: 2 -Anatolian Sheppards

Vacation Spot: Balch Park, CA

Hobbies: Playing Pool, Fishing, Being with my Wife.

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Step Brothers & Deadliest Catch

What I enjoy about working for Wighton's: I love they people they have and the work we do!

Personal Quote: "Live every day like it is your last day!"

Jose Rincon

Service Technician

2 years in the industry

Born in:  Las Vegas, NV

Favorite Food: Mexican

Number of Kids:

Vacation Spot: Avila Beach

Favorite Movie: Catch Me If You Can

What I enjoy about working for Wighton's: It's like being part of a big family

Trevor Jeffers

Service Technician

Born in: Santa Maria, CA
Favorite Food: BBQ
Number of Pets: 3 
Favorite Move/TV Show:  Golf Channel

Hobbies: I enjoy golf and occasional video gaming. 

What I enjoy about working for Wighton's: The opportunity to learn new skills and build a career!

Chuck Sweeny

HVAC Design Consultant

8 years in the industry

Number of Children: 2

Pets: Bearded Dragon (Beardy), Orange Tabby Cat (Simon), Boxer (Rocky)

Favorite Food: Chilean Seabass

Hobby: Fishing & Camping

Vacation Spot: Bass Lake

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Tombstone, Football, where the Red Fern Grows

Hobbies: Coaching sons in baseball and soccer, Fantasy Sports

What I Enjoy about working at Wighton's: Meeting and working with the people, developing long lasting relationships, and helping to educate the clients on the HVAC system.

Personal Quote: "It's not wise to pay to much, but it's wise to pay to little." -John Ruskin

Daniel Meehan

Service Technician

12 years in the industry

Born In: Santa Maria, CA

Number of Children: 1

Pets: 3 Fish, 1 Shrimp

Favorite Food: Italian

Vacation Spot: Cabo

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Ghost Hunters, Paranormal

Hobbies: Fishing & Camping, football, DJ-ing, and spending time possible with his son.

What I Enjoy about working at Wighton's: Always learning, great peers!

Personal Quote: "It Wasn't Me"

David Meehan

Service Leader

18 years in the industry

Born In: V.A.F.B, CA
Number of Children: 3
Pets: 1 Dog
Favorite Food: Sushi
Hobbies: BBQing, spending time with family and friends as well as camping and fishing.

Vacation Spot: Vegas

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Grease, Family Guy

What I Enjoy about working at Wighton's: A different challenge everyday. Meeting new people. 

Derrick Smith


Born In: Turkey, US Airforce Installation

Number of Children: 2

Favorite Food: Chinese, Mexican

Hobby: MTB Riding and Watching Hockey

What I Enjoy about working at Wighton's: Working with the experts!

Personal Quote: "When I start to feel bad, I stop and be awesome!"

Fabian Gutierrez


Number of Children: 2

Pets: 2 Jack Russells

Favorite Food: Chicken Enchiladas

Vacation Spot: Hawaii

Favorite Movie/TV Show: American Sniper

Hobbies: Spending time with my two daughters, Breeanna and Mariah, customizing cars or trucks, BBQ, cooking and eating. 

What I Enjoy about working at Wighton's: Working with a great team of guys. Being able to work outdoors, and learn a well paid trade that can lead to a great career.

Personal Quote: "I believe that a happy employee is a good employee! I would like to thank the Wighton's team for giving me an opportunity to learn a great trade with little knowledge. I will strive to do the best of my ability at which I perform."

Jennifer Kula

Financial Leader

Born In: Montana

Number of Children: 1

Favorite Food: BBQ

Vacation Spot: Texas

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Mystery

Hobbies/Things I Enjoy: Hiking, anything outdoors

What I Enjoy about working at Wighton's: I enjoy that everyone works as a team!

Rick Wahlberg

Service Technician

Born in: Lompoc, CA

Favorite Food: BBQ

Number of Pets: 2 cats

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Saving Private Ryan, Moto GP Racing

Hobbies: Riding and Building Motorcycles

What I enjoy about working for Wighton's: Everyone is cool to work with!

Jennifer Silva

Administrative Leader
Install Coordinator

Born in: Fullerton, Ca

Favorite Food: Mexican

Number of Pets: 0

Favorite Movie/TV Show:  This is Us

Hobbies: Spending time with family/friends camping "Glamping" 

What I enjoy about working for Wighton's: The quality of work we provide to our customers

James Lamon

Service Technician

Born in: Sacramento, CA

Favorite Food: Pizza!!

Number of Pets: 2 cats

Favorite Book: Count of Monte Cristo

Hobbies: Hiking , Motorcycles, Weightlifting

What I enjoy about working for Wighton's: Great Camaraderie and great working environment

Inspirational quotes: I can do all things through him who gives me strength

Luke Skinner

Customer Service Representative

Born in: Lancaster, CA

Favorite Food: Prime Rib & Potatoes

Favorite Vacation Spot: Lake Tahoe

Favorite Movie/TV Show: The Thing - Breaking Bad

Favorite Book: Evening Redness in the West

Hobbies: Reading and Playing Music

What I enjoy most about working for Wighton's: The integrity and professionalism of the Wighton's Team makes me proud to play my part here everyday.

Personal Quote: "Spend your money on the things money can buy, spend your time on the things money can't buy" Haruki Murakami

Kim Schorer

Office Leader

16 years of service

Born in: California

Number of Children: 2

Favorite Food: Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Vacation Spot: Yosemite National Park

Hobbies: I enjoy hiking anywhere and everywhere! My hobbies include quilting, knitting, mixed media, and gardening. 

What I enjoy about working for Wighton's: Watching and participating in our team's growth and development to be the best heating and air conditioning company that provides comfort you can trust!

Personal Quote: "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always."

Ric Schorer

Head Coach

58 years of service

Born in: Sacramento, CA

Number of Children: 2

Favorite Food: Sockeye Salmon

Vacation Spot: Alaska

Favorite Movie: James Bond

 Hobbies: Hiking, Snow Skiing, Fly Fishing, River Rafting

What I enjoy about working for Wighton's: Participating in Other's Success

Personal Quote: "The Teacher will appear when you are ready."

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