A/C Tune-Up, Repair & Installation

Get A 30-Point A/C System Performance Check for Only $99 ($179 Value)

1. Washable Return Air Filter

2. Heat Exchanger Inspection

3. Vacuum Combustion/Blower Area

4. Vacuum Blower Assembly

5. Measure Blower Motor Amperage

6. Measure Evap Temp Drop

7. Clean Evap Coil, Accessable

8. Clean Evap Drain, Accessable

9. UV Light Operation

10. Measure Return Static Pressure

11. Measure Supply Static Pressure

12. Total Static Pressure

13. Measure Capacitor Farads

14. Start Relay Operation

15. Condenser Contactor Operation

16. Reversing Valve Operation

17. Hot Gas Bypass Valve Operation

18. Measure Hard Start Capacitor F

19. Measure Compressor Amperage

20. Measure Fan Motor Amperage

21. Measure Head Pressure

22. Measure Suction Pressure

23. Clean Condenser Coil

24. Clean Condenser Cabinet

25. Kool Kap Operation

26. Visual Freon Leak Inspection

27. Freon Line Set Secured & Insulated

28. Condenser Disconnect "ON"

29. Door Switch Operation

30. Thermostat Operation

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Get Your Air Conditioner Seen & Evaluated All For Only $99

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• 1/2 of your entire PCA investment will be credited to you when you decide to replace your equipment

• Yearly scheduled maintenance to protect your safety and prolong the life of your equipment. 

• Inflation protection with monthly debit. (your PCA will never go up as long as you stay current)

• 24 hour Service Agreement is transferable if you move

• Tune up will keep you in compliance with warranties

• Fewer repairs, lower utility bills

• 100% money back guarantee

• Lifetime parts warranty

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• 30-Point System Performance Check

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